The CIMS (Colorado Injured Military Support) Network is a community outreach program initiated by the Army Community Service program at Ft. Carson ten years ago. We welcome any individual or organization that sincerely wants to offer support to our military and veterans in Colorado, especially in the local area around Colorado Springs. We support all Armed Services and are primarily an information networking group that attempts to find and share resources in our community. We have no officers, dues, projects, or membership requirements other than a desire to support and serve our military communities.

We meet monthly on the 4th Friday (not the last Friday) of the month at the SE YMCA from 1130 until 1300 hours (11:30 AM until 1:00 PM), and you are welcome to bring your lunch to enjoy during the meeting. We start the meeting by going around the room and having everyone give their fifteen second elevator speech as to who they are and what they do, then we have two to three presentations by various individuals and organizations as to what their current and future activities are.

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